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    How can I tell if workstations are getting updates from Super Agents?

      Hello All,
      I am new to EPO and have been reading quite a bit on it. We currently have 1 epo 4.0 server deployed in our data center. I'm in the process of testing a super agent to deploy updates. So far, i have created a super agent that replicates to our master repository and currently have my workstation updating from the super agent first, our main epo as a secondary, and the mcafee http site as fallback.

      when i right click on my virus scan shield (running 8.7) and select update, it updates from the super agent i set up, which is what i want. my question is, does this mean that every time it updates it will go to the super agent? how can i confirm this? i looked at some log files, but im not sure exactly what it is im looking for. any help would be appreciated.