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    Firewall blocking a specific safe web site


      Please help. 


      For some reason, my firewall is now blocking a specific web site ( mail.com ), which I had access to previously.  Access to the home page is okay, email address and password is accepted; it then re-directs to navigator-Ixa.com/login  (I think this is a mail.com server address) the firewall blocks access. This is repeated on Firefox, Edge and Chrome.  As soon as I disable the firewall, access is granted on all the browsers.


      Where can I go to remove this block from the firewall.  I have followed advice given online, but to no avail.  Programs like Chrome,Firefox etc are all correctly set in the firewall programs folder. 


      I don't have parental controls in place, so am completely confused why this single, lonely web site has been targeted for complete denial.

      I have no trouble accessing any other site on any of my browsers.  This is a safe site.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance/ advice that may resolve this issue.