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    Problem with Malware




      I am having consistent pop-ups appear on my internet, whether its opening a tab on being on the same page and clicking anywhere on the screen.

      It appears that I can't remove it with McAfee, but I would like to know how if there is a way.


      I have tried multiple malware removers and Malwarebytes is the only one that has successfully blocked it, but I have yet to find a way to remove the malware from my computer.

      I am also unable to open McAfee on my computer. I double click and nothing happens.


      I believe the problems are connected.


      Any advice helps,



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            Does the Malware/Adware have a particular Name/Description? I would run the McAfee Getsusp Tool (First) and upload the detection to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Base. Then follow up by running Malwarebytes AdwCleaner. Both of these Superb tools and more can be obtained here; Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


          If all else fails, please run the following tool ;

          ZEMANA ANTIMALWARE DOWNLOAD LINK (This link will start the download of “Zemana AntiMalware”)Double-click on the file named “Zemana.AntiMalware.Setup.exe” to start the installation of Zemana AntiMalware.


          Please inform us of your results, and we can proceed further if needed.


          All the Best,


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            Did malwarebytes give it a name? There should be a removal option in the program.

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              unfortunately since I cannot open my McAfee Total Protection, I will try to use Zemana and see what comes up

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                It came up with many threats. The names are long to list


                I used to removal tool they had, but the problem persists.

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                                       When running the (Zemana AntiMalware Tool) please select all detections to be removed, Restart and allow your system ample time to fully load. Kindly inform us if it helped.




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                    Hello CD,


                    I have run Zemana and oddly enough it has come up with a clean system scan.


                    The problem still  persists on random websites.


                    Thank again for your help.

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                      Can you now open your McAfee Security Center?

                      If you indeed can do so, please 'Check for updates'


                      Since you are still experiencing an issue on random Sites? I would suggest that you revert back to a earlier point in time ( System Restore), when you had no issues. Of course make certain all of your updates are current, to include Windows/Add-ons.

                      Then to make sure, I would rescan your system to make certain, nothing untoward is going on.

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                        99% of the malware can be revealed using Autoruns from Sysinternals (Microsoft). It also has a virus total check options (start autoruns, let it scan - 1min should be enough, after that go to options and check the box for virustotal).

                        If you haven't used this tool it wouldn't hurt to watch some video youtube tutorials.

                        If you will find a file that is considered by virustotal as malware and you can't delete it, the best thing is to go on his location and change the file permissions on it. Be careful on detection rate 1-5 (it might be a false positive detection depending on the location of the file).


                        Some malware can be inserted in the properties of the shourcut of the browser (right click the shourtcut, go to propertie and check for ex. chrome .... chrome.exe Link removed by Moderator- that URL should be removed)


                        Also disable all extensions, add-ons depending on twhat browser you use.


                        Check/change you DNS settings for the network card --IPV4. I usually use google DNS servers:  &  Also check the advance option after you set the DNS on manual.

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                                         Thank you for your invaluable input, keep in mind this is Consumer based.


                          Much Appreciated,


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