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    How can I remove a site from McAfee "dangerous" list?


      My rowing club is - for some reason - marked as yellow, and hence by default blocked by McAfee. There are - to the best of my knowledge - nothing dangerous about that site.


      Where can I

      1) remove the site from the "dangerous list"?

      2) Get more information about why McAfee thinks it's a horrible dangerous site - We are more than willing to change things if our site leads to some kind of alerts

      3) why doesn't McAfee leave a short description of the danger - it could even teach their users to be a little more aware of different threats

      4) Why doesn't McAfee leave a button "I think this is a mistake", and could collect information about potential false positive in that way?


      (if you want to see for yourself, have a look at Amager Ro- og Kajakklub, Islands Brygge, København - but be aware! It can be life threatening! Don't tell me you haven't been warned!)


      I would love some feedback...