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    Problem with EPO 4 P3 on Win 2008

      Dear all,

      We are customer of Mcafee. I'm busy with installing a Mcafee Epolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Server on Windows Server 2008.

      This is my workaround:

      1st. I've installed Mysql Server Express 2005
      2th. I've installed Epolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0
      3th. I've installed EPolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0 Patch 3

      Everything works well, until I reboot the server.
      After the reboot the server is not working. The Services Epo Server Apache and the other 3 services are stopped working, and i can't enable the services because of an error code 1075.

      What can I do to resolve this problem?

      Thanks in advance for the answer.


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          Please reinstall SP3 again. It's a bug in the default installation. I had the same issue with after installing EPo and EPo SP2. Install the SP did the trick. :cool:

          Good luck!