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    SSL Client Context with CA - Default CA not able to view or edit


      Hello everbody,


      i wish you a happy new year - i hope, you've had a good start :-)


      I have a problem with my Default CA and i hope somebody can point me in the right direction.


      As i opened the mwg web admin GUI yesterday i was not able to edit the Default CA under "SSL Client Context wit CA". The Setting can be found unter Policy -> Settings -> Engines -> SSL Client Context wih CA.

      As far as i remember there should have been the opportunity to specify a certificate and some additional Settings like ciphers an so on. Now the settings part in the right pane is empty....

      The MWG still works as espected, presenting the clients a custom and trusted cerificate for SSL Inspection.


      The last thing that happend was the upgrade to (21793).


      Any advice or hint is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      Best regards,