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    Email Notification Variables

      I'm having an issue with EPO 4.0 patch 2. I have configured notifications rules for "Virus Detected and Not removed" with the following settings for the body of the email

      Threat : {ReceivedThreatNames}
      Source computer name: {AffectedComputerNames}
      Source computer IP addresses: {AffectedComputerIPs}
      Occured at {TimeNotificationSent}

      However this is the result.

      Threat : (managed) Daily Scan
      Source computer name: **pc name**
      Source computer IP addresses: *.*.*.*
      Occured at 11/18/08 10:08:17 AM

      for some reason the actual threat name isn't being returned from the variable {ReceivedThreatNames}. I've tried several other variables to ensure that I am using the correct one. I've called support, and found that i'm using the correct variable, but they were not able to provide me with a fix.

      anyone else have an idea or similar issues?
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          I have the same "issue".

          The way I look at it, {ReceivedThreatNames} just returns the name of the thread (D) that return the event message. Could be On-Demand Scan, On-Access Scan, etc.
          I've never had it return the threat (T) name. Thus this may be a missleading label.

          I used to be able to get that info in 3.6 notifications. Not sure what the problem is in ePO 4.0.

          Also, I get a tone of false positives, but that's another issue...
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            It's funny you say 3.6.1. I used the same configuration settings for this notification from my epo 3.6.1 box which does return the correct information. Again, support hasn't really been all that helpful.