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    Remove email scan component from clients


      newbi to this forum (hello all).

      I have recently inherited a 4000 client network which is running epo 3.6 / Mcafee VS 8.5 p5

      We have been have major issue recently (after upgrading VS from 7.1 to 8.5) with outlook plug-ins and the general speed of outlook on older hardware. after reading a number of forum entries we have come to the conclusion that the mcafee email scanning plugin is certainly not helping in our situation.

      We have central email scanning running on our exchange servers so all emails are scanned before they get to the client machines. With this in mind we have dissabled the email scanning centrally in epo but the compnent is still installed (it is just not doing anything).

      My main question is...

      how do I remove the email scanning component centrally so that this replicates across the network. Unfortunalty I cannot visit all of our machines as we have 3 offices and around 400 mobile workers who dial in from home etc. so machine visits are not an option.

      I do not really want to have to uninstall the VS software and then re-install as this could leave a number of machine at risk.

      Is there a way of removing just 1 component from the VS software?

      Any help or direction will be very much appreciated


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          In ePO go to you policies catalog.

          Select Virus Scan Enterprise (whatever version you have)
          Select On Delivery Email Scan Policies
          Click edit by the policy you want to change
          Uncheck Enable on-delivery email scanning

          That should do it.
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            Thanks for the info.

            Because we already have central exchange server email scanning software we had already 'unchecked Enable on-delivery email scanning' from day 1.

            What i am trying to achieve is the complete removal of the email scanning component from the Virus Scan software on each client.

            After a number of tests we have found that regardless of whether the email scanning is enabled or disabled in the config. the component is still installed and the MS Outlook plugins are still present. This is causing 2 problems. One is that just the presents of the email scanning component is having huge impact on our email archiving software (Zantaz EAS). and the second is that even with the email scanning disabled the plugin for outlook is using an extra 40mb to 80mb of memory when outlook is running.

            I know I can get users to remove the Outlook scanning plugin from within Outlook but I am trying to find a way of centrally removing the whole email scanning component completley.

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              I have not tried it, but if I was looking to do something like what you ask, I would try the following.

              In the deployment task, if you click on settings there is a box to the right of 8.5 line item with three dots. Click that and the resulting dialog box is for editing command line options.

              Try putting in "REMOVE=EmailScan" (without quotes, of course).

              I would try it on one machine (usually my own) run immediately and then see what the result is.

              Hope this helps.