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    Endpoint Security 10.5 and EICAR test file - unable to rename to txt


      Hey everyone,


      Quick question if anyone has tested the following scenario as I am currently checking out version 10.5 on a laptop - currently use VSE/HIPS, etc in the environment and trying to determine if 10.5 is up to scratch yet.


      Trying to rename the EICAR test file on the network share, extracted the file from the ZIP and is currently there as EICAR.com  (this is able to be renamed on the desktop, etc and copied across to the network drive share)

      However, I am unable to rename this file to TXT extension.

      I can rename it any other extension such as CCC and no issues.


      I get this error when trying to rename - there are no entries in the event logs;




      I have Endpoint disabled for Threat Prevention, Firewall and Web Control.

      endpoint disabled.JPG