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    Webgateway backup issue




      For some reason, backup file upload to FTP server is failing with the below error message though the credentials are correct. I have one more cluster which is working fine with the same credentials.


      [02/Jan/2017:18:50:02 IST] Cannot push '/opt/mwg/log/user-defined-logs/backup.log/backup1612090130.log' to 'ftp:// x.x.x.x:21/WebReports/DMZ/backup1612090130- y.y.y.y.log'

      Detailed reason(s):

      command 'curl --globoff -q --tlsv1 --ciphers 'ALL:!aNULL:!eNULL:!EXPORT:!LOW:!kEDH' -f  --insecure --silent --show-error --connect-timeout 30 --max-time 300 --ftp-create-dirs  --user ftpuser:***** --upload-file /opt/mwg/log/user-defined-logs/backup.log/backup1612090130.log  ftp://x.x.x.x:21/WebReports/DMZ/backup1612090130-y.y.y.y.log' failed with error code 67

      Error output is 'curl: (67) Access denied: 530'

      SHA1Hash of password is 'e0baa3c6b5e0a1b11c645c9e9ef8f2260a9ec02f'


      Verion of both clusters :

      x.x.x.x is the IP of ftp server

      y.y.y.y is the IP of the MWG