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    Full Scan -- 99% Done But Will Not Finish -- Why Is This?


      Each time I do a Full Scan, it goes well until it reaches 99 per cent and then just won't finish. It doesn't jam on the same file, but it always seems to be a C:\windows\winsxs\*.dll one on which it jams. Also, I can't stop the scan using the Cancel button, which won't work in these circumstances, but have to go to the Task Manager Services facility to turn it off.


      Quick scans also jam up at 98 per cent, once on a McAfee .dll file, another time on a windows .exe file, and again had to be stopped via the Task Manager Services facility.


      I have just done a right-hand mouse button-based scan on the C:\windows\winxsx folder, and that's worked fine.


      None of these abortive scans have shown up anything nasty, and I've also used Malwarebytes and McAfee Stinger, also not showing up anything nasty, so I guess my machine is clean... but that's not the point. I would like my McAfee scans to work to 100 per cent as they are supposed to.


      I am baffled. Does anyone know what I can do to get a full or quick scan to work properly?

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