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    Unable to run client tasks


      My ePO server has suddenly stop pushing any of my configured client tasks to ANY of my agents. I have recently updated the McAfee Agent (in prep for Windows 10) to the latest version and I think that is when this problem started to occur. I have client tasks to push out the following modules:

      • -McAfee Agent (Windows and Linux)
      • -DCM
      • -VSE

      and then to run the following tasks
           -Updated AV definitions

      •      -Run weekly AV scans


      That has all stopped working on both existing and new installations of the agent. I am seeing this snippet of error in my masvc_$hostname.log file:

      Agent is connecting to the ePO server

      Negotiated Cipher : EDH-RSA-AES256-SHA256

      Network Library rc = <1008>, Agent handler reports response code <503>

      Agent handler reports server busy, response code 503

      Spipe connection response received, network return code = 1008, response code 503.

      Agent communication session closed


      And this message snippet in my McScript.log on the agent:

      MueEep     Updating final session state to 2

      msgbus     topic <ma.mue_event.puclish>, reachablity <1>

      MeuEep     Invoking EndUpdateDialog withTitle " update failed" Message " Please check the update log for more details."

      SessMge    Final session state is 2

      mue            Updater session state = <2>, Update session result = "FAILED"

      mue            Updater install <0>, uninstall <0>, update <0>


      I am able to ping the ePO server and clients by IP/FQDN/NetBIOS names and DNS is working correctly, all firewalls/HIPS are turned off or not deployed.  All modules and the ePO server are running the latest versions provided by McAfee.


      The size of my SQL database is rather larger and my memory usage for SQL is somewhere around 7gb (16gb total in ePO server). I have 250Gb of free disk space where the SQL database resides.


      Can this have something todo with my server or agent keys???

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          It may be that your agent handler/ epo has insufficient hardware to process all requests or your database is full (only if it is an express version).

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            What is the best way for me to check and see if the database is full? I have SQL management studio available on the ePO server.

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              The best way would be to go under properties of that particular db instance in the management studio and let me know how much space is used and how much is available.


              Also good to share here is a report of the top 10 tables by disk usage, screenshot would suffice.

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                After installing 16Gb of RAM, my SQL usages has jumped from 7gb to 14GB!!! Still having the issue though. Here is my database usage from SQL management studio:


                HBSS\Databases\ePO --> right click --> properties


                General Tab:


                Space Avaiable=956MB


                Files Tab:

                Logical Name:ePO

                Initial Size (MB) = 5888

                Autogrowth = By 10 percent, unrestricted growth


                Does this info help?

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                  Even thou this is notes that the McAfee Agent fails to communicate with ePO (not the Agent Handler) the errors recorded in the logs are pretty much the same - something to look at - especially the logs


                  McAfee Agent fails to communicate with ePolicy Orchestrator, multiple errors recorded in logs Technical Articles ID:   KB88041 Last Modified:  11/9/2016

                  McAfee Corporate KB - McAfee Agent fails to communicate with ePolicy Orchestrator, multiple errors recorded in logs KB88…

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                    I have found this in my server_hostname.log file on the ePO server. Each time it will have a different hostname or ip of my clients on the network


                    E     #06340    NAIMSERV    naSPIPE.CPP(338): Failed to connect to <hostname or ip>:591, network error was 10061

                    E     #06340    NAIMSERV    AgentWakeup.cpp(206): Server failed to wake up <hostname or ip>, detailed error was =-999


                    Is this helpful?

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                      "Failed to connect to <hostname or ip>:591, network error was 10061" if I'm reading this correctly, your wake up port is 591 (default is 8081). If that is the case, make sure nothing is blocking the wakeup call port 591 (8081 by default) between the server and the client machine. Check the local firewall settings.

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                        I as able to get it working. I set the default server port back to 8081 and that fixed most of the wake up failures.


                        After that the client tasks were still not deploying and I got an additional error in the server_<hostname>.log:

                        PolicyCache.cpp(1068): COM error 0x80040E21, Source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL, desc=the EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ....(output omittied)


                        I had to go into my SQL Master database and set the execute permission for my user accounts as described in this article.




                        Now all my clients are running their deployment tasks.

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                          Hello drumgold


                          your answer is helpful for me too, but My problem is a bit different. I have this error

                          20170708104245 E #03436 NAIMSERV naSPIPE.cpp(338): Failed to connect to ip :8081, network error was 10061

                          I have this problem in some of my agents not all so I do not think it is relate to my SQL server.

                          also I have problem with Dat and agent update in some computers. in this case it show the client task is expired and when I increase the time it remain, would you please help me?