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    Windows 10 Blue Screen after McAfee Total Protection installation


      Suddenly after starting the Computer, I recognized, that McAfee Total Protection states, that my coverage is expired. In fact, Login into McAfee Internet account Shows - my abo is valid till 12/2017. I tried to click on extend button but it didn't work - only cancel. I tried to click on the button for the abo account Information in the McAfee application - link doesn't work.

      So I deinstalled McAfee through Windows (Vers.10) and afterwards use additionally the McAfee Deinstallation tool to clean up. Restart of the Computer and reinstallation of the actual McAfee total protection Version from my account. Everything worked, Installation was sucessful and McAfee running again updated and valid - until: I restarted the Computer. During booting I'm receiving a Windows 10 bluescreen, telling me, that Auto repair is not able to fix the problems and only System recover can help. Cancel this Option brings the Computer into a permanent bluescreen Loop.

      So I recovered the last Windows Point, and Computer started again correct, but McAfee was again in expired abo mode. I tried to install the McAfee technician application, but this stops during Installation with an error - that the Software cannot be installed (without further reason).


      I wrote all of this to the Support - and I received an answer quite fast - but the answer was: delete McAfee, use the delete tool and reinstall and the Problem will be solved. Somehow, I think the Person was not even reading my message.


      Did anybody experianced the same Problem - and - much more important, what can be a solution?



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