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    Update ENS 10.2 to 10.5


      Does anyone had any trouble on updating ENS 10.2 to 10.5 through EPO?

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          we just saw an error when HIPS Patch 6 was installed. This means, HIPS was not removed. So we automated the HIPS removal. Afterwards anything was fine.


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            Hello All,

            Hello Thorsten,


            Is the KB 1172735 ONLY if you Migrate 10.2 to 10.5 with a "RUN TASK NOW" which you would use for TESTING as example or we use on Servers which we have to install ENS at a certain point of time (DB-Server, Exchange DAG).


            If you REGULAR Migrated and deploy with "CLient TASKS" Does this not happen? (Will it never happen there).


            If this ONLY happens with "RUN TASK NOW" this would punish the carefull people who TEST and EVAL things...


            * Does anybody have more info on this?

            * Was this only with the RTM Release 10.5.0 and as emxpale 10.5.309 this is solved (Current version 01/2017)

            * Does anybody RUN this side by side as mentioned in the Release Notes. I mean 10.1 and 105 on some clients? Except for testing?



            117273510.5.0Issue: An upgrade from ENS 10.2 to ENS 10.5 through ePolicy Orchestrator using the "Run Task Now" option times out, leaving some components of ENS in their 10.2 state. This issue is most likely to occur if you install multiple products one after the other and do not reboot between installations.


            Workaround: Reboot the system before installing ENS 10.5.


            Thanks for any help.

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              Hello bretzeli,

              I destroyed my Notebook based on this bug.... :-P


              We discussed such "Problems" with McAfee at the Tech Forum. How a customer should be Aware of such Bugs..... :-/


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                I mean the Resolution is more than unclear:


                "Workaround: Reboot the system before installing ENS 10.5."


                * Do we have tro reboot BEFORE we start Migration

                * Do we habe to 1) Deploy "ENS 10.5 Plattform" > 2) Reboot ALL CLients > THEN in a second WAVE 3) Deploy "ENS 10.5 Threat Protection" and 4) Finall Reboot

                * IS this solved WITH actual RELEASES?

                * IS this ONLY with "RUN TASK" option Deployment and NOT with "CLIENT TASKS"


                A major BONUS for using Mcafee was allways there stable and running DEPLOYMENT and MIGRATION Plattform process which we never had an error on CLIENTS or SERVER since XP to W10.

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                  I had some Systems with ENS being partly 10.2. That is fixed now. But I still have 10.5 Systems that have content version 10.2.

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                    Status from our side after one week.


                    Migrated some internal networks from 10.2 to 10.5 and all went fine.


                    * W7 64BIT PRO and ENTERPRISE

                    * W8.X 64BIT PRO and ENTERPRISE

                    * W10 64BIT PRO and ENTERPRISE


                    From 10.2 to 10.5 all was done without any errors. Beginn to migrate smaller externals from 10.2 to 10.5.

                    There is not too MUCH pressure in doind this like before SINCE the thing people WANTED is not free

                    and an optional licence. (Like the ATP Module and REAL Protect)

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                      finally, how did you proceed for your internal network migration from 10.2 to 10.5


                      did you use reboot as suggested ?

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                        No most of the clients we did not see a REBOOT warning for the enduser. We had a case with a larger customer where the POLICY for on OAS On Access Scan has an EXCLUSION which worked for 10.2 BUT did BREAK the 10.5 POLICY complete.

                        The OAS Exlusion in 10.5 was then complete EMPTY juts because one Exception was not valid. We could however OPEN and SAVE it (Did not warn etc.)


                        ENS 10.5 WIN7 64BIT Exclusion Standard migrated 10.2 > 10.5 don't PULL in STANDARD

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                          but for thze upgrade process, did you insert a reboot in your migration task ? or did you divide the upgrade task in a dedicated plateform one then the others ? You were refering to the KB 1172735. did you use its instructions ?

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