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    Side by Side migration from 3.6.1 to 4.0

      Hi all.

      I am in the process of mapping out a migration strategy from 3.6.1 to the 4 release of ePO.

      I intend to use the repository method, by pointing existing 3.6.1 clients at the 4.0 repository.

      I intend to do this as a staged migration, testing a few clients at a time from each department of the organisation.

      Im wondering if anyone knows of, or has any recommendations, tips, traps or tweaks that I should be considerate of prior to stepping into this.

      One thing I havent read much about, but have tested is export of policies from the old 3.6.1 server and importing them into the new 4.0 server. I have received unofficial confirmation that this is acceptable (though unsupported) so long as the NAPs on the old 3.6.1 server are fully up to date. This, for us, is a very useful timesaver.

      Is there anything else I shoudl be aware of? Is there any concise documentation covering Side by side migrations?

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          To clarify - are you only migrating the ePO 3.6 server to ePO 4.0, or are you also migrating up the clients?

          I'm actually in the process of moving from a 3.6 server to a new 4.0 server (not upgrading the current 3.6, actually a whole new server).

          As far as exporting policies from 3.6 and importing to 4.0 - so far so good for me. I was able to import all of the policies in about 5 minutes (the "Export all policies" option in 3.6 is handy). Also I am very much liking the fact that clients can be resorted at every ASCI based on IP or tag (or both in some cirumstances). This is going to be HUGE for us.

          My only real concern at this point is:

          We do not deploy the Agent from the ePo server but instead package up our own install and deliver via Altiris SWD. As far as I can tell there is no easy regkey or xml/text file edit to point existing clients to the new server. Changing a DNS entry is not an option because I'm not really comfortable with suddenly pointing 3500+ agents at a new server and crossing my fingers.

          Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation? How did you handle it?
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            Ill be migrating clients as well.

            How were you using the Export All function, when it includes the builtin McAfee Default policies, which cannot be overwritten? For me, when I tried this, I got a 500 error back from the 4.0 server.
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              I believe that issue was resolved with Patch 3 which was just released earlier this week (and I am using).
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                lol. this has been my luck lately with a few changes I have implemented, finding updates which resolve my issue days after I encounter then!

                Thanks for the info, im about to deploy on the live system, and this will come in handy when moving policies from the test environment!