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    How to decrypt files from Android/USB?




      I have my personal Android phone with SD card, and enabled option to connect to PC as USB stick. I often plug my phone to my work PC where some McAfee security software was installed recently. I say "some" because I don't know exactly software name, there are so many McAfee packages, that I am completely lost in them (EEFF, EERM, EEPC, etc..). All I know is that software somehow encrypted my files on Android phone, so now every file extension is ended with " *" (jpg *, mp3 *, doc *,...)  and in the header of each file I see "Type: This file was ecnrypted with McAfee Endpoint Ecryption for Files and Folders - If you see this message you must not edit or save this file, doing so will irretrievably corrupt the file... Version 3.0.0, KeyUid..., ProviderId: McAfee ePO"


      The files are not accesible, I can't open photos, play mp3s and so on, simple rename on extension doesn't help. So my question is how to deal with that situation? Is it possible to decrypt files at home, or should I use my work PC? What are the steps to decrypt/recover them? And how to avoid such situation in future?


      Thank you.