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    McAfee 2017 Product lineup




      I have McAfee Internet Security and would like to know when the new 2017 product line will be released so that I can download that. I've heard that it has a lighter impact on computer resources which I'd like to benefit from.

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          To elaborate, I am trying to get access to McAfee's v 15.1 product line, which I believe is also the 2017 version. I currently have an active subscription and would like to know when the product has been released.



          Edit: In my McAfee product it says I'm using McAfee Internet Security version 14.0; Release name 14.0 R10, and McAfee Security Center version 15.0; build 15.0.179.

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                               I apologize for the delayed response, however due to the Holidays have been behind. To answer your question, you will eventually be (Upgraded) to the '15.1' Version Build. There was some (Throttled) releases to customers with the Affld 0  (Whom purchased directly from McAfee) in October/November.


                                Here you will find the changes/explanation of the (New) LAM Engine Version.

                                FAQs for light weight Antimalware (LAM


            I hope this helps...


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              Thank you for the response! That seems to have answered many of the questions I had regarding how product upgrades were distributed. I haven't heard about this "LAM" engine, but if it reduces memory consumption I'm happy. Also, the documentation you linked seems to imply that version 15.1 is not finished yet, and has some changes planned in Q1 of 2017, so I'll just wait patiently until its available to my Affid.

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                You are quite welcome   I might add that it indeed is light-weight and reduces the impact on resources. You will immediately notice the reduction in files scanned, while performing a (Manual On Demand Scan). We Mods during our weekly Conference Calls, have asked that the (Full Scheduled Scan) be re-introduced.


                However that is entirely up to the 'Powers to be', if you will.


                While the (LAM) has changed in regards to detection, please know that all of the other layers of protection are still there to assure you that you are protectected, For instance our McAfee Web Advisor.