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    DLP 9.4 Query


      Hi Folks,


      I am barely new to DLP end point I am looking for planning implementation logs to look for during troubleshooting phase knowledge articles/ blogs which can help me test DLP.


      In addition would like understand what is revision number in DLP how can I know in what scenarios it changes and where to look for ?


      Your help will be much appreciated.




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          This would be a good starting point: DLPe Quickstart Guide


          Policy revision numbers indicate which revision of the policy is currently in place on the client system (i.e. if your server has revision 10 and the client system has revision 9 then it does not have the current configuration on the server and needs to be updated).  This can be viewed in the system properties in EPO by clicking on the name of the system and going to the products tab then selecting DLP endpoint.  This can also be viewed on the local client by right-clicking the McAfee agent icon > manage features > DLP endpoint console > about.


          Logs are located here:  c:\programdata\mcafee\dlp\temp\logs

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            Thanks Hoang..appreciate it