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    On-Access Scan Not Working




      I just installed McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac on my MacBook Pro.  After updates and reboot I am getting an error, "On-access Scan: Not Working".  I tried to reboot, turn the capability off and on, and no good.  My "google-fu" hasn't turned up much other than a possible Hotfix, but it doesn't appear to be related to my issue as my versions of the application differ from what I've found (see below).  Help would greatly be appreciated.


      Configuration Details
      • Apple MacBook Pro (Late 2011)
      • OS Version: macOS Sierra (10.12.2)
      • McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac v2.2.0 (1298)
      • McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac Anti-malware v9.7.0 (4987)


      Help greatly appreciated, thanks!