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    UdaterUI.exe error when uninstall\upgrade

      :confused: We just did a fresh install of epo4 on a new server. I am testing client installs to XP & Vista machines and Windows servers via a client pkg push from the server to the clients. I am using a AD account that has local admin rights on the boxes to install the package. Currently these machines have 3.6.1 client installed. Whenever I try to push the epo 4 client out to these machines, a couple of XP machines throw an error UdaterUI.exe -Unable to locate component. "This application failed to start because nialog3.dll was not found. Re-installing the product may fix the problem". SOmetimes it would be the same error except NAISIGN2.dll was not found. This is happening on several machines but not all. The big M in the task bar disappears during the install but does not re-appear. The AV icon is still there. When I try to manually install, uninstall or even click on FrmInst.exe this error pops up. Any ideas? Thanks.