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    VirusScan 8.8 P7/8 - no threat events logged


      I am running McAfee ePO 5.3.2 with Virusscan which is patch 8 on my workstation.  The majority of my environment is running Patch 7 and I recently noticed that I am not receiving any Threat event detections from my endpoints.  I tested the theory with the EICAR Test and although antivirus does not respond with a pop up as it is configured to do, it does detect the file and deletes it as expected.  However, the event never gets reported to the ePO server and never shows in the logs on the ePO server. 


      I have checked the logs on the endpoints and all the detections are there in the logs and the agent is not having any issues communicating with the ePO server.  I have gone as far as to uninstall all McAfee products from my workstation and re-installed just the agent and virusscan and I still get no pop up from Virusscan when I run the EICAR test, even though the event is detected and blocked.  The event shows in the OAS logs and is successfully sent to the ePO server.  When I log onto the ePO console and look for any events for Virusscan, it comes up a blank search.  I updated my version from P7 to P8 to make sure it wasn't the software version that was the issue.  I am now leaning toward it being an issue with the ePO configuration and the database but cannot confirm that as I am not sure how.


      Has anyone else seen this issue or does anyone have any suggestions of what I can try to resolve it.  I have a ticket opened with Intel Support but they are stumped as well.  I have been waiting on an answer from them for a week.  They have collected ever log they could and are researching the issue they said.

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          What is the VirusScan Enterprise Reports Extension version?  Should be -  Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for VirusScan Enterprise Technical Articles ID:   KB51111 Last Modified:  11/28/2016

          McAfee Corporate KB - kb51111

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            Thanks for responding but further investigation on this issue determined that No events from any of the McAfee Products on my endpoints were being reported to the ePO server.  I found the Event Parser has stopped parsing events even though it was in a running state.  I stopped the servers as well as Tomcat and Apache; moved the events folder to another location and recreated the events folder; then restarted the services.  Events are now showing up but the parser is running painfully slow.


            Three events from DLP were overwhelming the ePO server.  I turned off the reporting of these events and am now waiting on all the noise to be cleared up.  I will have to purge the data from the database server once the parser completes, then shrink the database and run a couple other procedures, (database Maintenance).  I then need to tune DLP Discovery to be a little more selective in what it reports on.