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    Migrating windows firewall rules


      I'm trying to map rules from Windows Advanced Firewall to Endpoint Security Firewall and run into some issues


      Issue 1:  Some windows firewall rules use names instead of port numbers - like IPHTTPS "Edge Traversal" but I haven't been able to find any documentation for what ports those are referring to.  e.g

      1. Windows firewall rule "Core Networking - IPHTTPS (TCP-In)" "Inbound TCP rule to allow IPHTTPS tunneling technology to provide connectivity across HTTP proxies and firewalls."
      2. "Edge Traversal" - "Inbound UDP rule to allow Teredo edge traversal, a technology that provides address assignment and automatic tunneling for unicast IPv6 traffic when an IPv6/IPv4 host is located behind an IPv4 network address translator."



      Issue 2: I'm not sure how I should set up a rule where Windows Firewall has it as a "Domain" rule.  Our domain name is in the format of mydomain.local.  Does anyone have a step-by-step example?  I have a lot of inbound rules that are set as Domain in windows firewall and I want to avoid making the rules broader in Endpoint Security Firewall especially when dealing with inbound rules.   For example an ICMPv6-In rule that only allows traffic in the domain.