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      Hi everyone,


      I need your help in removing a false detection of a very popular MMORPG Tibia OT called "Hexana". The client is named as Tibia.exe and doesn't contain any malicious content whatsoever. It is being used massively all across the world by different Open Tibia (OT) Players and needs to be urgently fixed for the massive gaming community using this. The website of this MMORPG can be viewed at www.hexana.net. This website contains no malicious links and is being used by thousand of gamers who play this MMORPG.


      McAfee LiveSafe falsely detects tibia.exe (from the popular MMORPG Tibia) file as a trojan and removes it. It has been listed three times on the quarantined items list. I have tried to restore it, but when I run it, it again gets quarantined. I had been told to send an email to virus_research@mcafee.com and post it here as well. Analysis ID: 10257113



      Paarth Bhasin


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