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    Installing patches VSE 8.5  and PrP 1.5 SP 2

      I am unable to install any patches in our protection pilot repository for some reason. I have downloaded the patches from the website and when I 'check in the package' it just says that VSE 8.5 already exists and I just overwrite them, the minor version number never changes. When I try to 'check in' 8.7i it says that it doesn't work on this version of protection pilot.

      What's the trick in getting patches to VSE 8.5 to work in protection pilot?

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          the patch should be a zip file, so the latest for 8.5i is patch #7 (VSE85iP7.zip), unzip it and then when installing package, point it to where you unzipped the files, it should be looking for the PkgCatalog.z file to add it to the ProPilot system. Next time your clients connect to get their daily DAT update, it should apply the patch.

          I have found a way in ProPilot to check who has and hasn't got the patch, so i just reply on informing the users how to check, or when i visit any system for another reason, i do a swift check and have the manual update files on the server if required to add manually. I am looking after 90+ systems on a single site, so i have a small setup compared to Tony99, who has a large number of systems to look after.

          Can anybody tell me if ePO tells you patch versions of each client or is it just engine/dat/agent versions like ProPilot??
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            Thanks for your reply. I was informed (correctly or not I have no idea) that 8.7 isn't going to work in Protection Pilot and I recieved a notice that Protection Pilot is being put out to pasture so I guess the issue is mute.