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    Tier1/NA/4-16446434664/Sev3/ePO/some managed systems failing to update DAT file from scheduled Client Task



      - client has a daily scheduled 'Update DAT File' client task that is failing to update some of her managed systems. For some of the systems that arent auto-updated via the scheduled client task, a manual step has to be taken to apply the update.

      - client doesnt want to have to keep manually applying update.



      --Clients' Environment--

      - running ePO 5.1.3 on Windows Server 2008  R2.

      - running MA

      - running VSE (most updated DAT on some systems) (some systems a day or two days old DAT)

      - managed systems = some Windows 7 OS and Server 2008 & 2008 R2.



      --Troubleshooting Done--

      - created new client task and set new scheduled time...send wake-up call minutes before scheduled time then from endpoint checked Status monitor.

      - tasks doesnt get pulled down automatically at scheduled time, until a manual 'collect and send props' is done locally on the endpoint, or from ePO console and 'Run Client Task Now' or 'Update Now' action is taken.

      - reproduced issue and reviewed Orion, ePOApSrv, MaSvc, MaCmnSvc log files. manual wake-up calls show in logs however scheduled client task doesnt show being pulled down by managed system at the specified time.

      - verified and confirmed endpoint is communicating to correct Agent Handler via serversite.xml file.

      - request client to move one of the affected systems from sub-group into lost & found then returned it to its correct sub-group, then reassign client task...client states that didnt work.


      - client emailed in stating she edited client task and selected 'Engine' as part of the update, afterwhich the majority of the outdated systems started updating.




      --Mer Log Files--

      - from 1 affected endpoint and ePO server

      - ftp://dalcustftp1.na.nai.com/incoming/ksterling/4-16446434664/




      - is this an issue anyone has seen before and may be able to shed some light on please?