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    File always blocked although the ATD gives a "Might be Trusted" Reputation




      I have installed a new environment with

      ePO 5.3.2

      DXL 3.0

      TIE 2.0

      VSE 8.8 Patch 8

      ATD 3.6.2


      I set "Block unknown files". After modify the putty.exe (change one letter for a new hash) the file is unknown and is blocked on the client

      The ATD analyses the file and set the ATD reputation to "Might be Trusted" (view in TIE Reputation).

      I run the modified putty.exe again and the file is always blocked.

      Why?  Is this a wrong behavior?




      The Product description is here (How to integrate McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense ) "run the file again" :

      • After analysis, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense will publish the file’s reputation to the DXL. At that point, the endpoint (and all other products on the DXL) will be notified if it is malicious or safe.

      • McAfee recommends configuring the TIE client to block the execution of files if they are sent to ATD. This will result in TIE blocking the execution of the file on the endpoint even if ATD later concludes that they are safe. In that case, the end user would simply have to run the file again to execute it.