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    Client Task failing


      We have ePO 5.3 and VSE 8.8 p8.


      I can tell ePO to update the DATs on any PC and it's happy.


      We have a PC that we'd like to run a specific type of ODS. Each time it fails and we're unable to pinpoint it.


      Any ideas?


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          1) What type/configuration is the "specific type of ODS" (scanning network drives or local, specific user account is used to launch the scan and so on...)?,  2) Does the ODS log provide any insight? and 3) Are there any "local" VSE scans scheduled through the local VSE console?

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            It's basically a step up from our general scan with system utilization at Normal and a heuristics setting of High.


            Looked at the right log..."Authentication failed". Where can I set that at?


            In ePO we have a daily ODS general full scan assigned policy that runs at 1AM. There aren't any local ones we made.

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              Ok, on the Client Task object there is a Task tab. Added the domain account we had setup for things like that and it's happy. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!