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    about license


      Dear Sir/madam,


      I would like to setup a ePO server with 2 superagents and 20 ePO agents and virus scanner.

      How many licenses I should buy?


      Thanks & Regards


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          Hi Tom,


          First thing you need to do is purchase one of the McAfee suites depending on what McAfee products you will need for your infra for managing via epo. With the purchase comes a Grant Number via email.


          You can deploy product to n number of machines there is no limit as such


          McAfee agent is feature of Epo to manage end point communication and manage the products deployed to end point workstation and servers.


          Super agent is required when you are managing multiple vlan subnet in an isolated environment for the end point to take updates from super agent repositories rather than epo. If the systems r on same subnet with less in numbers you don't need to have a super agent repositories


          Next login here:


          Use the Grant Number (Download My Products) and press Go


          Something like this should be returned


          My Product


          License Keys


          ePolicy Orchestrator : xnnxx-nxxxx-xxxnx-xxxnx-xxxxx


          Your number will be different.


          This is the number you need to use within ePO to take it from evaluation to production mode.


          Good luck,

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            Probably looking at 23 licenses - servers or workstations are seen as the same - licensing is not based on SuperAgent Vs Non-SuperAgent.  What does matter, pertaining to cost, are the point products being installed through ePO (VSE, SAE, HIPs, etc) and Subscription/Perpetual license.


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