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    Manual SigSet import taking >1 hr since upgrade to


      Hi Everyone,


      We have recently upgraded our test zone Central Manager to


      Following an issue in connecting to the update server - we cannot see available sigSets on the manager - we downloaded the SigSet and have imported it to the Central manager.


      This import is taking much longer than usual - currently over 1 hour and still updating policies.


      Has anyone else been having this problem since upgrading?






      Edit: Output from NSM:

      At: Thu Dec 15 05:58:17 EST 2016: Processing...

      At: Thu Dec 15 05:59:25 EST 2016: Inserting Update: sigset8.7.91.2


      At: Thu Dec 15 07:42:23 EST 2016: Updating Policy: xxxxxxx

      Updating Policy: xxxxxxx



      Total Time: 1hr 44m


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