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    ICAP AV Scanner log showing wrong path


      Hi all,


      I have configured the ICAP AV Scanner for accepting request from 2 EMC Isilon clusters but when I have a threat the information into log files is showing a local path not the real UNC path, if I take a look to the Isilon cluster I can see the real path but somehow from the VirusScan Console log file I can't. This is what I see into log files:


      2/14/20165:56:14 PMScan StartedDC2CADFS1Scan Request Received From : to scan : C:\Windows\TEMP\VSEIcapTempFiles\1214201617561418948_IMG_6586.JPG


      Can somebody help me or instruct me how to get the real path? I have configured the same for Network Appliance Filer AV Scanner with 2 Netapp clusters and I get the real path:


      14.12.201622:18:14Scan StartedDESHFKVSNA1VScan Request Received From :

      File to scan : \\?\UNC\deshfkstor1.hfk.hella.com\ontap_admin$\\user_hfk\HFK-T\_P ROJECTS\100.HFK_Statistik_Tool\Inline\2016-12-14\statistik.csv


      Thanks a lot in advance!