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    Checking in DAT pkgs into ePO on a closed network ?


      Specifically , I have a " Master Repository " set up and have it set to push out updates to McAfee Agents installed on workstations on closed network.   My problem is, when I check in the 1st package as "current" all is well , but when there are multiple updates ( at my location we do check-in's 1x a week ) when I got to check in next package...I get a message telling me " if I continue , the previous package will be overwritten "  I have been " goggling " for weeks and have not found anything other than McAfee's guides to checking in DAT's in a " perfect world " .   I am also very new to using McAfee...and when I took over , I had no one to overlap so only on the job training.  Am glad its a closed network.