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    How to decrypt second (data) hdd


      Hello, we are using mcafee endpoint encryption and we need to recover files on user laptop. Some steps (i think bad steps) were made to the laptop before i got it. Laptop has two hdds (C and D) and both were encrypted. Somebody reinstalled system on C so for now it isnt encrypted but D still is. We need to decrypt D to recover data files. Bad thing is when i start mcafeeDEtech 7.1 it says : Could not detect a version of mcafeeDE on tis system. If this system was known to be active, please ensure that you are using the corresponding version... (i found in some thread that main info data are stored on C so wee need it for D so i see they were right). When i try to authentificate via file, it says : This file does not appear to be related to the primary disk. Press ok to continue... ..he is right. Is there any way to get D recovered? Thanks for help