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    LiveSafe installation programm does nothing, it starts and tells me to reboot - over and out


      I have 2 Surface pro 3. On one I just changed from total protection to live safe. No problem.


      On the other I had several weeks ago a problem with the installation of total protection which i couldn´t fix. I uninstalled it and tried to do a new installation. It failed. Everytime i tried to start the installation i got an message which said "reboot - to finish the de-installation" or so (sorry if it´s not 100 percent correct, I got the message in german).


      Now i tried to do the installation with live safe, but it happens the same thing.


      I tried virtual technician, removal tool, preinstalltion tool ..... always the same result.


      One thing i´m wondering about, mvt tells me to remove temporary internet files. I can´t find out which files should be deleted. Any suggestions? Thanks for your support.