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    MVT found a problem; said it was fixed-do a restart; and it's not fixed. What now?


      I have an HP Laptop running Vista SP2 64 bit and my McAfee was acting funny so I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician. It said:"Security Center 14.0.339 and Ref#1142849--Update trusted Microsoft Certificates-Requires restart. So I did what was asked and restarted and ran the MVT again. The same problem came up. How do I fix this?


      I did exactly what it asked me to do, but it still shows up as a problem. At the time this happened, I was running a full scan, and suddenly, without warning it stopped on it's own without me doing anything and I caught a glimpse of something that briefly flashed in the task bar at the bottom--in black and white---cmd. and something else. Then everything went wrong. Nothing worked. It was not until I restarted the computer that I regained some measure of control.


      However, since the restart, whenever I run the McAfee Virtual Technician, I get this same message with a big red X. This is obviously a big problem and I can only follow the directions I was given. I have...to no avail. Please tell me what else to try since seems to be very important.


      Thank you for any assistance in advance!


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