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    Can push the installation file, but nothing happens when sends "Agent Install"

      Hi McAfee Support,

      I am using ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.1 . Recently we just received a few windows 2003 servers for our company. Those windows machines have McAfee installed by another ePO Server. Now I want to change the Agents to get their's update from mine ePO Server, but I wasn't successful.

      I tried to do it from scratch, 1. push the installation file, 2. issue the "Agent install" command, 3. make an "agent wake-up" call. But when I issue the agent install, nothing seems to be going on even I uncheck the "suppress GUI" function. (so I can see whether it's really receiving the command). If I manually open the Virus Scan Console and select Update now, the machines dohave the ePO agent starts and retrieve it's DAT files from my ePO. However, it's not inheriting any rules that I set under the "Policy Catalog"...

      Anyone can tell me if there is anything that I am doing wrong? or is the agent can't be simply "force install" over the old agent? Thanks very much for your help in advance.

      On one machine, I locally uninstalled the McAfee Virus Scan, hopefully then I can do a better clean install... but now, same case as I have mentioned, I could push the installation file, but can't get the program to install with "Agent install"..... i am stuck.