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    True key popup


      Since a few days I get an annoying pop-up that I can activate true key. I get an option to activate it or close the pop-up, but it keeps popping up every hour. How can I remove the pop-up?

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            If I may ask, did you obtain your (TrueKey) feature as part of your McAfee Software suite, or was it inadvertently installed while Downloading any Adobe products,per say? Since I do not use this feature, I will ask a (Expert) from the ' Truekey Team' to add to the discussion.


            I might add that especially since you have not activated it. You should simply be able to go through your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Remove and uninstall.


            marcd  Could you kindly assist this individual?

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              Hi there,

              I guess as Catdaddy asked we would need to know more information to try to isolate where this is coming from.

              Can you please provide a screenshot of this popup?

              You can also go to the control panel/ programs and features to see as Catdaddy mentioned if it has been installed, if it is you can just delete it from there.



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                Hi Marcd, Catdaddy,

                As far as I can see it's a pop-up from McAfee, I don't see any program in the control panel that could cause this, neither is there an add-on in my browser.

                This is what the pop-up looks like:


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                  Good morning,

                  My explanation for the popup is a obvious and logical one, some of the McAfee software are bundled with True Key, licenses for True Key (1 to 5 lic) are included when you purchase certain McAfee applications.

                  You have a few options, in the popup there is a drop down menu and there you should have the option to not be reminded anymore about activating True Key, I am not sure if you have done this but perhaps this is the easiest way not to get the popups anymore.

                  Alternatively, you could benefit and install/activate True Key, so you can benefit from the multi-factors authentication to manage your passwords online: https://www.truekey.com/

                  I hope this helps,


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                    I saw only two options, to close or to learn more. Next time  get the pop-up I'll take a screenshot of the options.

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                      Ok please let me know the exact options you are getting from that drop down menu.

                      Can you please confirm what is the McAfee software that you have installed on your system.



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                        Hi Iozzy,

                        It will be important if you can let us know the specific McAfee application installed on your system and the options you have on the popup drop down menu so we can fix it.



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                          Hi Marcd,


                          These are the options:

                          Wacht niet langer = Don't wait any longer

                          Sluiten = Close


                          TrueKey options.PNG

                          I'm running McAfee Total Protection, version 14.0, release 14.0 R11

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