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    Installation Error - Anti Virus Plus


      I downloaded the latest Anti Virus Plus from the My Account page, and attempted to install it.  At 80% completion, this error message is shown:


      mcafee error.jpg

      I have performed the following troubleshooting steps:

      - Ran MCPR in both safe mode & regular mode

      - Ran Pre-Install Tool and attempted to install (but had the same problem)

      - Ran MCPR in both safe mode & regular mode again

      - Installed the Virtual Technician and had it "fix all" - it said there were some corrupt .js files and certificates (had the same problem after attemtping install again)


      There are no remnants of other security products in the registry or file system - I've manually checked and ran a registry cleaner to make sure.


      Any suggestions other than me doing a clean installation of Windows? 

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          Did you first remove your software by going to Programs and Features/Add Remove in your Control Panel/Reboot? Before using the (MCPR) Tool. Also here are some instructions as well. If you are still experiencing issues kindly contact Technical Support as suggested. Support portal

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            ?  The installation did not complete, so there is no entry in add/remove programs. Hence why I used the removal tool to get any leftovers.  I will contact support, just figured I'd try here first since there's an "Urgent alert" posted on the Tech Support page about extensive wait times.

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              I see.. Hopefully you can obtain assistance in Short order.


              Have a 'Merry Christmas'


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                The last time I saw that alert I got onto chat in 3 minutes so I assume it might be country dependent but worth an attempt. Ok if they fix it could you let us know what they did please.

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                  I wanted to update everyone.


                  But unfortunately, there is no update. I was told to do a clean install of Windows. Sorry, not going to do that on account of their issue. I don't like McAfee that much.


                  What I have figured out on my own thus far is:

                  There are two versions of the AntiVirus Plus installer going around. I got two different versions within the same hour, downloading from the same McAfee subscription in the "My account" section of their site yesterday.  One version is an old-style with a gray background and black text, and the red font McAfee at the top. The other one has a blue top / white text and seems to look like the screen shots I've seen of the 2017 product. Anyway, this "new style" installer is the one that fails at 80% every time. Interestingly, I did get the old style one to install. It is the 2016 version (AV Plus 14.0 R11, Security Center ver 15.0 etc).


                  So my guess is, the install issue is with the 2017 version. I am beyond puzzled as to why there are two versions of the installer coming intermittently from the same download link to the same subscription. I know they're staggering the release, but to give the same user multiple versions for the same subscription is odd.

                  I just scanned the forums and I see multiple people with install issues as of late.


                  So unfortunately, still no reason as to what's causing the install fail at 80%. As stated before, all Windows updates are done, everything was reset to defaults, removal tool was run multiple times (including safe mode), I have no conflicting AV software, and (not to sound like a know-it-all) I do PC hardware and software repair for a living. I will keep everyone posted if I get a fix.

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                                                Please know that we value everyone's input. So are you saying that you have the ( 14.0 R11 ) software installed? And if so, is it functioning properly? In regards to getting the (15.1x ) one attempt of installing,and getting the other when attempting again. I will bring this up as a 'Topic of Discussion' on this weeks upcoming Conference Call.


                                                 Especially since it seems to hang at 80%?  This indeed concerns me. Could you kindly provide us your (Service Request Number) please. Back in October/Early November when they were throttling the (15.1x ) version, I was fortunate to get it with no issues.


                                                 Again I will bring this up on your behalf. Thank you for your invaluable input.




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                      You indeed seem to be rather astute in regards to your computer, I if I may would recommend that you avoid using any 'Registry Cleaners' Especially when it relates to the (Registry Items). Even with the Reputable ones such as 'CCleaner' . For over time, more often than not. They tend to remove critical registry entries which are needed for your system to function properly.


                      Please do not misconstrue my advice, as this being the culprit causing your issues. For I will indeed discuss this with 'Senior Level' Engineers. I will get back to you following our meeting.


                      All the very Best,


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                        That is correct - 14.0R11 Anti Virus Plus was installed and is working OK.

                        What I assume is the 2017 version (with the new-style blue installer) hangs at 80%.

                        I decided to do a clean install tonight, because I had some free time. Just attempted to install the 2017 version after all drivers & updates were installed. Guess what? It still hangs at 80% and says cannot be installed. I know now this is not my system - it's something with the software.


                        To address your other comment re: registry cleaners. I do use them, but I only remove targeted entries (i.e, entries that are from uninstalled software).  But that is irrelevant now that this install issue is occurring on a brand new clean install Windows 10 system.


                        I will fwd you the other info via msg.  And yes I would appreciate if you could bring this up in your conference call. I am rather surprised I'm the only one bringing this up.

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                          No problem, thank you for the info.Our next call is January 10th due to holiday times/days off. I have added it to our Agenda.

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