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    ePO Deployment Tasks Repeated?

      Hi, I just want to ask this for confirmation. If there is a deployment task set to "true" in a group of computers, will it always attempt to install the package even if the computer already has it installed? Or will it first check to see if it's installed and then skip that computer if it is installed?

      I set a large group of computers to have the ePO Agent upgraded to 4.0 and it's set to run weekly. It's working so far and most computers have been updated but there are a few stragglers left. Will the computers that have been successfully upgraded keep receiving the update or will they be skipped?

      2nd Scenario:
      I'd like to add an installation of Site Advisor Enterprise to the Deployment Task also and was wondering the same thing. Will ePO keep pushing out the software to computers that already have it installed?

      I hope I explained this properly. I'm guessing no, it won't try to push out software or updates on computers that already have them. I just want confirmation for my managers.

      Thanks for any help.