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    All McAfee agent 4.8 failed to communicate with ePO server 5.3


      We recently migrated from ePO 4.6.8 to ePO 5.3 using upgrade compatibility tools following steps documented in KB82808


      1. Old ePO server (4.6.8)

      • Server Hostname: epo001
      • ip address:
      • Win2k3, 32-bit


      2. New ePO server (5.3)

      • Hostname: epo002
      • ip address:
      • Win2012, 64-bit


      3. Database in other server running in SQL server 2014


      The migration has been done, and I can access ePO 5.3 console on the new ePO server.

      However, all the existing agent on all systems are failing to communicate with ePO server. I noticed all the agents are still using the epo001 and IP as the handler, but tried updating the DNS pointing to epo002 ip address is not solving the issue either.


      I also tried to install new agent (5.0.4) that is generated directly from the new ePO server, the handler has been pointed to epo002 by default and say no failure in communication to ePO server but they got no policies, and the client hostname is not added to the system tree as well.


      I have a very limited knowledge to ePO and I've tried to find some useful logs to troubleshoot this agent-server communication issue but so far I can't find any. Please kindly advise