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    Exclusions for servers question

      Hi All,

      I am installing and configuring Epo 4.0 and I have read the documents on exclusions for Exchange and such.

      My big question is, since our db files are on a drive other then C: how would I go about creating exclusions for other drive letters?

      For example I have the following:



      Do I have to include the drive letter? Or will it be smart enough to know that any folder called "Indexes" will be excluded?

      I am creating one exclusion list for all servers (basic exchange and sql servers)

      Any help is appreciated!!!
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          If these are all root folders this will do it:


          otherwise you can also do a general exlusion for all "paths" including these folders with:


          Double stars mean "all characters including backslashes".
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            Thanks Metalhead!
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              Hi Guys

              sorry for digging up this old thread but it is revelant to what i am doing now

              I am creating exclusions for a new bunch of servers going in doing various roles. As the detailed design is not finalised, the exclusions i add cannot have drive letters assigned, so this thread became interesting. I am though not sure that the exclusions below will work

              i believe :


              will work, but i am not sure that the suggestion for the ones below will work (%windir% does not work on all systenms any, its best to use %systemroot%, but that is not the point i am making): -


              My concern is that by using environmental variables will end up already including a drive letter , so the above would be interpriped by Mcafee AV as : -


              Which will not have the desired affect.

              This is an issue for me when adding Exchange exclusions which use the %ProgramFiles% variable, which again will include a drive letter.

              So if for example i am wanting to add the exclusion for Address book related extensions but i didnt know where Program Files was going to be using

              %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\**\*.lzx

              would NOT be sufficient, if the variable was not setup correctly to the correct drive an just defaulted to c:\Program Files

              I believe i would have to use either : -

              **\Microsoft\Exchange Server\**\*.lzx


              **\Program Files\Exchange Server\*\*.lzx


              ??:\Program Files\Exchange Server\*\*.lzx

              Let me know your thoughts


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                Thanks. I had seen the first one but not the second. Interesting. Though im still curious about my initial questions RE: System drive letter substitution will NOT work using variables as they will already include a drive letter


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                  I tested using %windir% on my system here, this worked ok for me, but I think your idea makes sense,

                  **\Program Files\Exchange Server\*\*.lzx would seem to be the most bullet proof option.

                  What did you find when testing this stuff?
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                    No matter how many times I read about the McAfee wildcards that can be used, I'm still a bit confused as to which one to use. I'm most confused about about using the right wildcard for when an application is installed either on C:\ or on D:\. For example, we have a specific application installed randomly on various drives (don't ask me why it's that way, but it's legacy crap) as such...

                    C:\Program Files\AppName\
                    D:\Program Files\AppName\

                    I need to know if I should be using a single asterisk (*), double asterisk (**) or a question mark (?) in the spot for the drive letter. I've inherited a lot of these rules in ePO from my predecessor, and I need to make sure the right wildcard is being used. All three of those options are used, and I know that only one should be used. I'm guessing that the following should be used, right?

                    **\Program Files\AppName\
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                      ?:\Program Files\AppName\

                      should also work

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                        **\Program Files\AppName\


                        Should allow you to exclude the "AppName" directory, and all sub-directories depending how choose to setup in EPO.


                        In EPO there is an addtional option to select all subdirectories, and I believe you "must" select exclude all sub-directories for the On-Access Scanner (OAS) exclusions. I haven't seen this addressed in the McAfee EPO tutorials yet.

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