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    Mcafee Endpoint encryption boot passwd lost


      Good day. I have a company laptop that has Endpoint encryption, I forgot the passwd. The laptop was last used probly 4 years ago. My company no longer uses Mcafee and the IT dept wont do anything, there is no active GRANT #. I can boot up the machine and get the code you would normally send in, but I need somehow to get the responce code back to reset passwd.


      I called Mcafee and they said I can just uninstall the product, Is this true?

      Well the instructions they sent seem to assume your logged on to the computer, so that isnt going to work.


      Is there any way to recover data from this PC? or is it just a lost cause.




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          If you are stuck at preboot and the ePO Server or Safeboot server no longer exists and you do not have the password, there is no way to recover the system.


          Even with the DETech / SafeTech recovery disk, you must authenticate to decrypt the system. There are only 2 methods to authenicate: Password or Recovery file stored on the server


          The recovery code you have is linked to a recovery key that would be stored on the server and is unique to the system. Without the server there is no way to use this code to recover the system.


          A data recovery specialist may be able to do something if your company wasn't following best practices but this is an expensive proposition that is unlikely to render positive results.