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    ePO361p4 not running on console


      I recently successfully applied Patch 4 ( to my ePolicy Orchestrator Server Therefore i also wanted to upgrade my Remote Console from to as indicated in the ReadMe (http://s-download.mcafee.com/corporate/products/protected/ePO/version_3.6.1_Patc h_04/ePO361P4.html?__gda__=1225266000_1c118d7fd83bc5cd332b98e87318794e&ext=.html). Running Setup, i get a Error Message indicating this Patch only to be run on ePO 3.6.0 and cancelling setup. However, running the console, version label shows ''. Do i really need to downgrade first? Do i really need to run Patch 4 on the console?

      Thank you