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    ePo Orchestrator 4 (patch 2) does not show VirusScan 8.7 on Policy Catalog


      I have a following issue:

      My ePO was installed and then upgraded with patch 1 and then patch 2 later on.
      Up to some time I was assuming to use only 8.5 version of VirusScan only, but suddenly version 8.7 was released and got it from nai.com via my NAI-ID.
      ZIP file with VirusScan was added to Software / Check package in list together with the latest 8.5 patches, but unfortunately VirusScan 8.7 It is still not visible in my Policy Catalog, so I can not configure it at all.
      I was trying to add following files available in ePO download, but did not succeed due to error saying, that there is not package file or something like that.

      All attempts to upload files have need done locally on the server.

      I'm using local admin account or AD account (a member of Full admin group in McAfee) to administer.

      Do somebody know how to resolve my issue?

      Thanks in Advance,