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    Scheduled Task Reporting


      Hi, I'm hoping someone could help. We have a weekly scheduled task setup on our systems that runs a weekly virus scan within VSE. I was looking for some way to run a report against this to find out which systems completed/missed/cancelled the scan. Can anyone let me know if this is possible and how I could go about getting this information.



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          Moe Hassan

          Hi Peter,


          Please go to "Queries & Reports" option in ePO and click "New Query" button. Configure a new query with following settings:


          Step 1 (Result Type):

          Highlight "Events" under "Feature Group" option on the left panel. Then on the right panel, highlight "Threat Events" category.

          Click "Next" button when done.


          Step 2 (Chart):

          Under "Bar" category, choose "Bar Chart". On the right panel under "Bar labels" option, choose "Event Description", under "Bar values", choose "Number of Threat Events" and select "Show Total" box.

          Click "Next" button when done.


          Step 3 (Columns):

          Here, you will have some basic columns automatically selected. You can pick and choose other columns as you see fit. I'd recommend adding the "Event Description" column here.

          Click "Next" button when done.


          Step 4 (Filter):

          On the left panel, again click on "Event Description". Now on the right, change "Comparison" to -> "Contains" and then in the "Value" input, type in the word "scan".

          Click the "Save" button to save this query and give it a meaningful name so you can re-use it in future with just one click.


          Once you are presented with the chart, you can click on individual categories and numbers which will then show you specific systems.


          Hope this helps.


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            Thanks, points me in the right direction to get what I need.