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    System State Status for EEPC:  What does it mean?


      Hi ,


      We have ePO version 5.1 and deploys EEPC for a number of clients.  I was recently tasked to create a report detailing whether each workstation is already installed with the Drive Encryption software/client, what version it has, and whether the machines are already encrypted or not.  I tried creating a query and came across system state.  However, I get the following status when I ran a filter:


      - Active

      - Inactive

      - Upgradeable

      - Decryption in Progress

      - Unknown


      Now the first two appears to be self-explanatory though I'd really like to know what each status means, and if this is indeed the column / category that I should have selected.  Also, I am quite perflexed as to why one system showed up as Active for one week, became inactive the following week, then Active this week, without us doing any form of remediation.  Hope you can assists me on this one.


      Thanks in advance.