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    epo 3.6 to 4.0 upgrade on new server


      Wondering if someone could help with a migration design issue.

      We currently have a 3.6x epo server and want to migrate and upgrade to 4.02 on a new server both using MS SQL

      Current thinking on this is to
      a) upgrade in place and then migrate to the new server
      b) build new server from scratch and import the policies

      The policies are extensive and badly documented so the preferred route would be to import the old policies however some browsing around the forum shows people having issues with this.

      From http://community.mcafee.com/showpost.php?p=527025&postcount=2


      I'm doing a fresh install of EPO4 and moving clients from 3.6.1 to 4. Spoke to Mcafee and they advised not to export the policies from 361 to 4 - there could be some corruption. I found corruption problems when upgrafing groushield from 6 to 7 so am rather going to recreate all policies from scratch.

      Are there any Prime documents on this, a best practise ideal?

      We'd also like to keep our historical data as well so again a dabase backup restore would do this but have people had issues with restoring 3.6 data to a 4.0 database

      As far as I can see we are stuck whicever way we jump

      In place upgrade leaves you with detritus from previous installs and existing issues may still be present

      New install means rebuilding the policies by hand as well as setting up repositories from scratch

      importing from old DB on old server to new DB on new server corrupts the data