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    How to connect Terminalserver to the ePO ?




      i want to connet Terminal Server to our ePO. On the terminalserver i have installed VSE88 and the framepkg. With lokal configuration i can add task to scan all lokal part, but tasks i have add on the epo server doesn´t recived at the Terminal Server. There are no managed tasks to find. The epo has no recived events.

      I have only trouble with terminal server. All other servers and clients on ePO works fine.

      I hope you can help me.

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          What version of ePO, VSE & Agent are you running?  Have you confirmed that the actual "tasks" are running on the client; open virusscan console / right click full scan / left click view log.

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            The ePO Version is 5.3.2, the VSE on the Client is, the Agent is


            I can not confirm than the tasks are running. The full scan log is not the same log as my own created scan task i think.

            i can see some events on the ePO from the terminal server (some broken access rules), but no event´s for started or ended scan events.

            There must be a communication, the client(Terminal server on ePO) look compliant. I think my issues are because the multiuser case. I have 30 users logged on, it is not possible than all user can see the task in there own sessions, but how can i see it if it was there ? I have logged on as local admin, that doesnt work too.

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              This may help -

              How to determine if the On-Demand Scan client task assigned has reached the target system in ePO Technical Articles ID:   KB82149


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                You can also check the registry for the task name: HKLM\software\wow6432node\mcafee\desktopprotection\task\ ....

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                  Thank you tao,


                  with this query my terminal server looks "true" for the recived managed task. At night the task should start. I have changed some settings, i hope it is fixed...

                  But how can i see the managed task on a terminal Server. With all logins, as user or admin is nothing to see in VSE controll panel.

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                    HKLM\software\wow6432node\mcafee\desktopprotection\task\ ....


                    There are five task, but nothing looks like my own managed tasks. It looks like the default task without schedule.

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                      Ok, so if none of those taks listed under HKLM\software\wow6432node\mcafee\desktopprotection\task\ .... are your own managed task - sounds like the task that is created through ePO isn't communicated to the term. server....Try creating another managed task through ePO and assign it specifically to the term server, then force policy update and recheck HKLM\software\wow6432node\mcafee\desktopprotection\task\ ....

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                        VSE 8.8 User-Interface policy (Make sure you choose for Workstation or Server at the top)

                        Display Options - Console Options - "Display Managed Tasks in the client console"


                        Perhaps some machines have this unticked ?


                        Otherwise make sure the task exists for each machine in the ePO directory tree (under client tasks). If it does then the task should be sent.

                        However only enabled tasks will actually run, and some task types do only run once ('Run immediately' for example).


                        Locally you will find a bunch of .ini files that represent all the tasks recived (enabled and disabled).

                        Normally this will be in the user profiles folder: \all users\application data\mcafee\common framework\task

                        ePO tasks look something like 21.ini

                        Locally configured tasks look something like {A13VRT-358R795............................}.ini


                        These are just text files, so can can take a peek to see if your tasks have been recieved, and see if they are considered enabled or disabled.


                        Otherwise it's useful to follow the task flow through the agent log.

                        Other useful logs are the mcscript.log - for update tasks and the ondemandscanlog.txt for on-demand scans.


                        Successful execution of tasks often send events back to ePO that can be queried on too.


                        Hopefully this will arm you with some tools to go hunting with




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                          Yes, i will do it next morning, good idea. Thanks for your support ! I will report if there are more entries.

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