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    mail conversation log EHLO question




      I have just started managing an email gateway 7.6 (without any training yet).

      We are having issues with receiving mails from a particular partner. TLS was working with them until the other day. No config changes at our end, that we are aware of.

      My question is, in the conversation log of an encrypted mail I can see multiple fields. Connect makes sense.

      in the EHLO section I am a bit confused.

      There are arrows that I am guessing signify the direction of the conversation, but cannot see anywhere (looked for a number of hours) that explains what the arrows signify. An arrow to the right means sending or receiving?


      The mail that is not being delivered by TLS (just plain text) has no mention of StartTLS.


      Also when sending a mail am I the client or server? I am guessing client, as the mail will be received by a server.


      Sorry for such basic questions.