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    branches and multiple agent support


      EPO only has 3 branches. Is there a way arround that? It seems very limiting


      I have 2003 & XP running agent 5.0.3 & VSE P6, still need to test P7

      I run 8.8 in production, need to test endpoint 10.2 and patch 8 for 8.8

      I want to rollout patches is 3 groups test, production, critical.


      I need atleast 8 branches.

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          The 3 branches are very limiting; any possibilities of setting up a test ePO server?

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            You don't need branches for this. Each unique product can be checked in to Current/Previous/Evaluation. To deploy to various groups, use tags and Client Task assignments to assign the deployments to those systems.

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              Hi Taziegma,


              I only have one unique product, "virusscan enterprise". So i can only deploy 3 versions in the 3 branches. Since client task for VSE are always bound to a branch, I don't see how you can support more the 3 versions. But maybe i'm missing something.

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                Patches and the Installs (repost packages) are what I meant by unique. VSE is also seen in ePO as a unique product as ENS 10 is a unique product. Checking in ENS 10 does not overwrite VSE. So you technically get six branches alone for VSE. Three for patches and three for full installs.


                You only refer to three VSE patch versions, so that gives you:


                Previous branch - Patch 6

                Current branch - Patch 7

                Evaluation branch - Patch 8


                Full VSE installers for new systems would be the same, unless I'm misinterpreting your post.


                For testing ENS 10, you'd have ENS 10.2 checked in to either Current or Evaluation, but you don't need it in multiple places to roll out to different groups. When you want to deploy to your test group, you'd create a tag and assign the appropriate client task to that tag. When you want to roll out to production or the "Critical" group as you call it, you can do the same thing. You can also build various McAfee Agent policies that for the purposes of product updates (this only works if the product type listed in the Master Repository is Patch or Hot Fix), you can change which branch the Agent pulls those updates from.

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                  ah, ENS 10.2 is a separate product, it doesn't replace VSE 8.8 in the branch.


                  3 ENS versions & 3 VSE versions should be enough.