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    McAfee causing server shutdowns?


      We recently attempted to install a new solarwinds upgrade on a Windows 2008 Server - Service Pack 1.


      After installation of the solarwinds (monitoring platform) upgrade, the core solarwinds server started to reboot once an hour, then sporadically as many as 4 times an hour.


      In viewing logs, I did find one instance where it appeared McAfee was tasking the node to shutdown. It is inconclusive whether it actually did cause the server to reboot.


      A solarwinds tech found another instance in logs where a VMWare exe did command the server to reboot, but only one instance of this behavior was confirmed.


      Microsoft analyzed a core dump off the clone that was created prior to reverting to the older version of solarwinds, and MSFT is pointing at McAfee as the culprit. But I believe that is just corporate finger pointing...


      Solarwinds has no instance of this behavior happening with the attempted upgrade we did. Ever.


      My question is this: have any community users experienced any behavior where McAfee caused a continuous but sporadic reboot sequence of their hardware? Were you able to find Root Cause?